Headline About Amazing Piece of Advice or Information that Almost Now Own Knows About, But That Could Dramatically Change The Reader's Life Once They Find Out About It

Arouse their curiosity by starting out with a question along these lines “Have you ever wondered what's responsible for producing the most dramatic result/alleviation of pain that you've so desperately been looking for?”
Of course, you want to put it in your own words at it relates to the product. Also, you should only use this type of template if you truly have some little known and counter intuitive information, so you can play up that angle.
Once you've aroused their curiosity, begin to agitate it more by explaining how this little known piece of information has produced results that have been much more significant and better than other alternative.
Then, offer actual proof to support you claim. Don't give away your piece of information or the “magic solution” just yet... because you want to use this curiosity factor to keep them reading.
If you have statistical proof, use it, especially if it's proof that you can use to compare to the results of other alternatives, to further demonstrate how much more effective your little know, “magic piece of information” is than all other options.
Then, go on and explain even more benefits that people have enjoyed who have discovered this magic piece of information.
Tease them some more by telling them you'll soon reveal what that magic piece of information is, but before you do it, you want to explain a little more about that piece of information that makes it so damn good.
Now, use this part of your copy to show benefits that will handle all of the major concerns and objections that your reader is likely to have, so they are all diffused, and the impression left in your reader's mind is that you have the magic solution.
Once you have accomplished this, then reveal what your magic solution or “magic piece of information” is. Play up on the fact that it is surprising and counterintuitive.
Then, if possible, explain that although this secret is still a secret, it won't be for long because of a believable reason why soon more and more people will know about it. Then, explain that he reader can get a head start and get this piece of information before the masses do if they act right now.
Even better is if you can show by getting a head start, it will make the solution even more effective or valuable to them when everyone else finds out about it. The idea is that you are using scarcity to get them to act right now.
After you've accomplished that, then tell them exactly what they need to do to get their hands on your magic piece of information, and how to get the most benefit from it as possible.