Headline about some amazing secret You have that also has an interesting, incongruent quirk or other strange element involved

Open your ad by highlighting the main pain your audience is likelly experiencing.
Then, explain that if they'd like relief for that pain, they should come talk to you.

Why should they do that?

Because you are “go to” person for alleviating that pain and giving them the biggest, most dramatic benefits them truly desire.
However, the reader should also know that there is something strange, different or weird about you. It doesn't even have to be anything major.

You're mainly throwing in this weird thing to get their attention, to hook them, and then to tie in to your major benefit, so you keep themr eading.
Start off by explaining how to most people with this condition, “flaw” or incongruency might hampered or limited from providing the solution that your reader so desperately wants.

Then let them now that in this case, that's not tru at all.

To prove it, give some dramatic results or accomplishments you have achieved to show your reader that you are truly the expert.
Make sure you give a variety of examples of achievements and accomplishments, so you hit all the different “sub pockets” of your niches, and don't alienate anyone.
Also, communicate with your audience that the results you shared are just a few of “many” results that you've accomplished, as far as relieving the major pain and delivering the major benefits for people similar to the reader.
After you've given all the accomplishments and successes, then explain why you are so successful and how you work.

You should consider taking the position that the way you work is unusual or unique, which is the reason why you have produced such amazing results. (if you can tie it into your “quirk” or “flaw”, all the better).
Then, suggest to the reader: Do you think I could help you achieve those benefits?

Play up on the fact that you may or may not be able to.
Then, list of several reasons why they shouldn't contact you.

These reasons should be used to eliminate all the junk responses you don't want to have to deal with, and to condition you reader so that he responds in a way that will most favorable to you.
Then, after that is finished, tell them exactly what they need to do in order to contact you to get relief from their major problem(s).