The Horses Mouth

One of the best ways to research med schools is to read their catalogs. 
 Each one will cost you only a postcard or a phone call. 
To write or call for a catalog, get the schools address or phone number from the AMCAS application material and the publication Medical School Admission Requirements (MSAR), produced by the Association of American Medical Colleges.
School catalogs provide pertinentand useful information--history of the school, curriculum, size and makeup of student body, feeding hospitals, etc. 
 You should be aware, however, that medical schools are trying to sell themselves and that they use their catalogs as marketing tools--the photos can make even the most undesirable urban areas look attractive. 
 In short, although medical school catalogs can give a more complete picture of a particular school, students should still use multiple resources to identify the medical school of choice.

School Rankings

Of course, people always want to know about the Top Ten schools. 
The source most often quoted is the U.S. News & World Report Graduate Issue, published every March. 
Many students use this ranking in combination with school catalogs and with Medical School Admissions Requirements in order to evaluate schools. 
Remember, the more thoroughly you research schools, the better informed your application and matriculation decisions will be.