Juicing has many wonderful benefits.

When you juice from your own home you have the choice as to what goes into it, no additives or preservatives, and best of all you can have a lot of fun coming up with your own creations.

Juicing also has great health benefits, below we have listed some of the organs and health conditions juicing can help heal.

Fresh juices of raw organic fruits and vegetables are best.

Fruit Juices

Apple: Liver, intestines.

Black cherry: Colon, menstrual problems, gout.

Citrus:  Cardiovascular disease (CVD), obesity, haemorrhoids, varicose veins.

Grape: Colon, anaemia.

Lemon: Liver, gallbladder, allergies, asthma, CVD, colds.

Papaya: Stomach, indigestion, haemorrhoids, colitis.

Pear: Gallbladder.

Pineapple: Allergies, arthritis, inflammation, edema (swelling due to abnormal accumulation of fluid), hemorrhoids.

Watermelon: Kidneys, edema.

Vegetable Juices

Beet greens: Gallbladder, liver, osteoporosis,

Beets: Blood, liver, menstrual problems, arthritis.

Cabbage: Colitis, ulcers.

Carrots: Eyes, arthritis, osteoporosis.

Celery: Kidneys, diabetes, osteoporosis.

Comfrey: Intestines, hypertension, osteoporosis.

Cucumber: Edema, diabetes.

Garlic: Allergies, colds, hypertension, CVD, high fats, diabetes.

Greens: Cardiovascular disease, skin, eczema, digestive problems, obesity, breath.

Jerusalem artichokes: Diabetes.

Radish: liver, high fats, obesity.

Spinach: Anaemia, eczema

Watercress: Anaemia, colds

Wheatgrass: Anaemia, liver, intestines, breath.