The Diasqua Group was established in Singapore in 1975 and has offices in Antwerp, Bangkok, Mumbai, Hongkong, New York and Tokyo. 
The Groups Main strength is its composition as a family business. 
The roots of the Diasqua Group have always been strong as they two experienced generations behind.
Diasqua is a growing company in the diamond industry the groups main strength is its composition as a family business. Wholesaler of cut and polished diamonds. 
The group mainly caters to the needs of wholesalers and jewellry manufacturers in one of the most booming economic regions of the world - S.E.Asia. 
The grops strong presence in this region coupled with competitive prices and unquestionable trustworthiness has capitulated it to be one of the most reputed and dynamic diamond companies. 
The group has offices in Antwerp, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Mumbai, New York, Singapore and Tokyo. 
With the New York office opening this July, Diasqua goes global with offices in all the Diamond Trading centres except TelAviv. 
It also intends to open a fine jewellry manufacturing factory in India. 
Diasqua has always been lookin for new opportunities and diversifications and have always been aggressive to pounce on these favourable conjectures as they come by. 

Diasqua is a polished Diamond Wholesaler of any size qulaity and colour. 
The company can service any diamond requirement but specialises in Brilliants, Marquises, Tappers and Baggets priced less than US$ 400 per Carat.

160/611-2 SILOM ROAD, 10500
02 267-3828-9 (+66-02 267-3828-9)
  • Telephone: 02 267-3828-9 (+66-02 267-3828-9)
  • Fax: 02 267-3772 (+66-02 267-3772)
  • City/Area: Bangkok
  • Country: Thailand
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Webiste: www.diasqua.net