Discovering the ocean has never been so spectacular before!

Because, in the ocean around Cape Town live the largest, most dangerous and cutest animals from the ocean! And because the most holiday apartments are located very close to the sea, it´s possible to go and see with Cape Town best boat trips all these mighty creatures in only one holiday!

The largest animal in the world

The whale is the largest animal that lives on our planet and this mighty creature can be seen all year long in the seas around Cape Town.

The most common whales are the southern right whale,

Brydes whale and the humpback whale.

Whereas the humpback whale is not the largest whale of the world, they are with their 16 meters for sure the most fun to watch.

With their high jumps out of the water and slapping with their large back fins you are guaranteed to get some amazing holiday pictures!

In our opinion the most relaxing way to see these animals is from a 42ft long luxurious catamaran, so you can experience the amazing creatures while you´re having a nice and cold drink on the deck.

The most dangerous animal in the world

Turn up your adrenaline, because in Cape Town you have the possibility to come face to face with the most dangerous animal in the world: the great white shark!

Cape Town is the best place in the world to see these creatures, because there is a narrow alley called shark alley which is a channel between the islands Geyser rock and Dyer where 60.000 seals have their breeding period.

This is heaven for the great white sharks! And the most amazing thing is that the hunting technique of the great white sharks consists of jumping high out of the water while they are trying to catch these seals.

This gives you for sure an experience of a live time! And if you are not thrilled enough, there is also the possibility to do cage diving, so you can be in the water with these fearful but beautiful creatures!

The cutest animal in the world

One of the most funny and loved animal in the world is the penguin and with Cape Town best boat trips you are able to see them from a sea kayak instead of in a freezing rubber boat in the artic.

Yes, it´s true that these penguins love the hot water and sunny beaches just as much as you do! With this kayak trip you not only get the experience of being very close to the penguins, but you also have the chance to sea seals, dolphins and whales!

Cape Town best boat trips will make your holiday really unforgettable, but if you don´t have real sailor legs then maybe a spectacular daytrip to the outback fits you better.

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