A research discovery brings a new promise to millions . . .


You may be younger than you realize!



o you accept tiredness, vague “symptoms,” and even jumpy nerves or nervous depression, as inevitable?


            It may very well be that you are unnecessarily depriving yourself of youthful energy and well-being.


            It is a scientific fact that for millions of adults, a “half-alive” feeling is not necessary – not due to a few added years or the pressures and strain of modern living.


            These people are simply not getting, regularly, enough of nature’s great protective food elements – protein, calcium and riboflavin.  They gradually feel less and less well.  Vaguely depressed and tired, older.  And do not know why.


            A chief cause of this widespread and insidious borderline condition is that too many adults do not realize the lifelong importance of milk.


            Why is milk so important?  Because other foods contain so little calcium that drinking milk is the only practical way to enough natural calcium.  Because half our riboflavin comes from milk.  Because milk protein is the finest, fully equal to meat.


            Now, research brings you a modern and delicious way to these great natural protective factors of milk – without the load of fat calories.


            This is the Magic Crystals milk discovery – Carnation Instant Nonfat Dry Milk.  Carnation’s Magic Crystals mix instantly with water to make fresh-flavor nonfat milk – refreshing, invigorating, delicious for drinking.  Convenient, modern.


            Yet, the most startling new advantage is this:  with magic Crystals it is easy to enjoy a richer flavor nonfat milk with 25% more natural protein, calcium and riboflavin than freshest whole milk.  You simply add 1/3 cup extra Magic Crystals to each quart when you mix.


            A single quart of this more delicious low-calorie nonfat milk gives you all the natural calcium and riboflavin, and more than half the protein you need every day.  How could there be finer lifelong protection than this!


            Won’t you try new Carnation Instant Nonfat Dry Milk – the Magic Crystals Instant?  You may be younger than you realize.